It’s all about perception


The root of all issues stem from a false belief in one’s Self, such as believing that you are unlovable, or that you have no power, and so on. These beliefs begin with a judgement that you place upon yourself. You witness something and label it as “right” or “better” and judge yourself to be inferior even when you do not have full knowledge of your own soul path, never mind that of another.


You have a beautiful gift in the way you speak. The simplicity of the information that you shared is so important and has great value to so many at this amazing time! It is wonderful to hear your clarity and calm.
— D. Holt

These false beliefs build upon themselves and are often propagated and/or instilled by parents, teachers, and religions. These beliefs can create a life out of balance which can lead to depression, physical ailments, and more. The good news is that you have the power to change it all!

I am deeply inspired by your knowledge.
— D. Bornemann