Greg’s background as a firmware engineer is extensive, here is a summary of his career highlights.


  • BSCS/EE, Summa Cum Laude
  • Firmware Specialist
  • Developed radar systems for US Navy
  • Developed security systems for White House
  • Developed switching systems for AT&T
  • Published in Dr. Dobb’s Journal of Embedded Systems
  • Multiple patents for communications systems
  • Former lead engineer and manager at S&P 500 tech company


He can accept the condition of business needs, then designs and implements solutions to match them.
— Derek Carlson, Vice President , Microchip Technology, Inc.

He has developed bare-metal firmware and Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) drivers in C for Flash memory and most of the peripherals for the entire RX MCU product line. Developed multiple plugins in Java for the eclipse-based e2studio IDE. Spoke at several conferences on boot-loader design, RTOS implementation, and general debugging topics. Traveled to Japan for project management meetings and tool development coordination. Designed the first user-friendly capacitive-touch tool interface (QE) and its supporting drivers for the RX product line.

The code he produces is clean, well commented, neatly structured, and bug-free.
— John Breitenbach, Senior Electronic Design Engineering Manager, Renesas Electronics America, Inc.